Color My World Art Program

 Public & Private Schools

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Color My World's Visual Arts Enrichment Program for school sites offers more than the average art program you would come across in the area. Due to the curriculum standards set after budget cuts have wiped out entire Visual art programs, our teachers see a huge difference in students going to school with less and less art throughout the school year. We specialize in bringing a customized program to your school  which enriches the creative thinking of hundreds of students and help them think independently, build confidence, motor skills, assertiveness, and above all decision making to make them feel empowered. With a solid backing of Fine Arts & Design, Studio Arts, and creative focus we instill much more than a basic ART Master's program. If you love open ended lesson plans, creative discovery, a different learning technique that pushes the original thought, celebrates diversity, and follow a "unique process" of imagination + creativity = UNIQUITY ,  then email us to schedule an appointment!

In today's visual age our youth is constantly interacting with visuals and screens,  we just know the importance of cognitive skills,  so It's time to rethink teaching art that nurtures the creative geniuses of the future!