Color My World Art Program

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Color My World's Visual Arts Enrichment Program for school sites offers more than the average art program. We specialize in bringing a customized curriculum aligned to VAPA/Magnet/Stem based to your school  to enrich creative thinking, fine motor skills, drawing, and creativity of hundreds of students. Our enhanced in-school ART Program helps students think independently, build confidence, assertiveness, and decision making to feel empowered. With a solid backing of Fine Arts & Design, Studio Arts, and Creative focus we instill much more than a basic art project. If you love open ended lesson plans, creative discovery, a different learning technique that pushes original thought, celebrates diversity, and follows a "unique process" of imagination,  then call us to schedule an appointment!

In today's visual age we know how in depth lessons are a great tool in teaching critical thinking skills, observation and things they know to enhance their art experience . Classroom teachers are short on time and some are not artists. Hence, they appreciate us ART SPECIALISTS to come in to create and teach a school environment rich in the foundations of art. 

 It's time to rethink teaching art that nurtures creative vision to challenge the multi dimensional geniuses of the future!