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At Color My World, we encourage "Individual Interpretation & Creativity." Enroll your child today!

Updated: Jul 29, 2019

If you trust the process of learning through creative thinking, problem solving, risk taking, and exploring your imagination, then this is the best place to enroll your child! Color My World art studio prioritizes the importance of today's creative geniuses who will become the unstoppable innovators of the future!

We at Color My World strive to make a significant difference in your child's life through creative lesson plans that help with increased focus, skill building, decision making, social skills, risk-taking, motor skills, and a positive attitude. As a creative director and a lead teacher, my enthusiasm for the arts is very intense since I firmly believe the arts play a significantly important role in a child's life. It is my lifelong passion to develop aesthetic interest and ability for creative expression and teach in a manner that incorporates artistic thinking, connecting history, literature, math, science and much more.

Our world is constantly changing and the last decade has dramatically excelled in the perspective of the arts. Hence, as an artist and as a mentor, I always strive to prepare our students in the most creative way possible and that is where the art teacher comes in!

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